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Reuben Bechtold
Unintentional Art:
An Ongoing, Experimental Art Series

Since 2013, Reuben Bechtold has curated a weekly social media series that features art made by no one, or by nature, or otherwise by divine accident. This series challenges the viewer to consider why life compels us to make art, and how art can make us see life (and the objects in our lives) differently.

Sandy Garnett
Public Art Project

Working alongside partner Aaron Meadow (lighting professional), Studio Bechtold has helped designer Sandy Garnett cloak a series of buildings in LED lighting using custom lightboxes and permanent installations. The first was the Trout Museum at the Fox Cities Building for the Arts in Appleton, WI.

Dannielle Tegeder
at the Wellin Museum
Large-scale Mobile Sculpture

As part of  Tegeder's 2014 solo show at the Wellin Museum (Hamilton College) curated by Tracy Adler, Studio Bechtold fabricated a floor-to-ceiling metal and glass sculpture. We then relocated the sculpture to the college's Science building, where it remains on permanent display.


Partners Larry Gordon Stained Glass Studio and artist Leon Dewan both contributed to the project.

Evette Rios
Decorative Light Wall

Studio Bechtold's partnerships with artists and designers lead to a rich variety of projects. For longtime client-collaborator Evette Rios, Studio Bechtold helped bring colorful dynamism to an NYC apartment being staged for sale by constructing and installing a distinctive light wall.

Michael van Enter
Sculptural Copper Railings

In partnership with van Enter Studio, Studio Bechtold helped to construct dramatic metal railings with blown-glass accents for a private residential client. The railings were designed by Michael van Enter himself.


Multiple Clients
Sculptural Signage

Over the years, Studio Bechtold has been called upon to create fun, custom signs for businesses. These projects demand artistry as well as practical fabrication and maintenance planning.


This dental practice in CT still uses Bechtold's handcrafted signs, made with plastic molds.

Reuben Bechtold
Drawings: Plein Air, Cities,
the Figure 

Since he first discovered brush, pen, paper and pigment, Reuben Bechtold has created his own work. He holds a BA in Painting and Sculpture from SUNY Purchase.

Chalasa Dance Company
Kinetic Sculptures

Reuben Bechtold co-founded Chalasa dance company with choreographer Jahain Clark. Based in Stamford, CT, the company combined choreography, light, sound and sculpture to create innovative works from 1994-2006. Bechtold designed and fabricated all of the sculptural elements featured in Chalasa's work.

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