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Research And Development

For most of our projects, there's no precedent. Studio Bechtold helps clients research and consider different materials and methods to guide engineering, fabrication, restoration work, installation or maintenance planning. Together, we find the approach that aligns with your ideals and fits your budget.

Restoration in Arts & Architecture

Restoration projects require specialized expertise and knowledge of historical building methods, along with traditional (sometimes antique) tools. Studio Bechtold proudly partners with the Dallas-based van Enter Studio, a practice recognized for its mastery, for fine art and for metal restoration.

Custom Design & Fabrication

It takes skill, smart decisions, and the right hardware to bring a design to life. Studio Bechtold often helps clients finalize the design and engineering processes for their unique projects. Then we complete construction at our 3,000-square-foot facility.

Project Management 

Every effort needs a leader, and every leader needs to know how to run a great team. We partner every day and are well-versed in considering the many intersecting needs of a project. We're happy to help our clients devise the right timelines, budgets and creative/production plans to help their project succeed.

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